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Deke University Recordings

This course contains the four sessions from Deke University: Officers’ Academy from February 19, 2022. In order to advance to the next section, you will need to watch the entire recording and then hit the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of your page.

Brother Beta (Chapter President)

Course Description   This course is built as a resource hub for Brother Betas. You will find the ability to download and read through education that was provided virtually at the 2021 Deke University – Officers’ Academy. As a result of completing this course, members will be able to: Review the job description of the …

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Do The Right Thing

  Course Description Do The Right Thing is created for all undergraduate and alumni members to gain an understanding of the DKE Philosophy and best practices for chapter accountability, health & safety, and bystander intervention. This course will provide DKE members with a framework for creating a chapter that values self-governance, morality, and accountability through …

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Member Onboarding

Course Description Joining an organization can be an overwhelming experience of learning, connection, and excitement. Member Onboarding is the process of joining and being incorporated into the organization. It is our aim to ensure you fully understand the organization you have joined to include DKE History, The Impact of DKE, DKE Standards, New Member Education, …

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Recruitment Training

Course Description Delta Kappa Epsilon believes that recruitment is the lifeblood of the Brotherhood. This course will provide some basic education on DKE’s philosophy and best practices around recruitment.  Many problems in a chapter can be traced back to poor recruiting. It is important to have a strong year-round recruitment strategy that attracts men who exhibit the …

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