Member Competencies

As a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon International  Fraternity, members should aim to be competent in certain areas that are directly reflected from the Fraternity’s Objects, Ritual, and member experience. The Fraternity’s Objects and Tagline provide a framework of what it means to be a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon.


The intent of providing members with competencies is to provide a framework for what the Ideal Deke Man is. This should help to guide the Fraternity in creating it’s value added membership experience, provide direction in educational offerings, and create a shared language of Delta Kappa Epsilon members to elaborate on their membership experience and takeaways. 


The following categories and competencies have been derived from the Objects, Ritual, and the Mission of the Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. 




The Gentleman

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access

He is self-aware and demonstrates respect, appreciation, and a spirit of tolerance for everyone. Brothers are committed to getting along and engaging in civil discussions with each other regardless of differences in background or viewpoint.


He is able to identify, address, and act upon his own areas of need and recognizes the need for personal accountability in the organizational context. He utilizes support systems and resources in the pursuit of resilience through challenging situations. He actively understands and encourages the organization’s role in the use of the self-governance model and framework.


He recognizes and sincerely acknowledges his own humanity, worth, and significance. He believes in his own capacity to fundamentally be a good person. He is able to  identify mental health challenges and support systems he can turn to in times of need.

Gentlemanly Dignity

He recognizes the worth, humanity, and being of others. He treats others as they would want to be treated, respected, and acknowledged. He has developed a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights and views of others.


He maintains the ability to judge moral issues logically, consistently, and equitably. He understands the complexity of right and wrong in various intricate situations. He understands The Objects and uses them to guide his decision making process throughout life.

The Scholar

DKE Knowledge

He will develop an understanding of the fundamental philosophies, guiding policies, and organization and international-level practices that govern and drive success in our organization. He will know the history, values, Standards, and goals of the Fraternity. He uses this knowledge to guide his behavior and decisions to reflect the organization’s values.

Organizational Leadership

He understands key components to run a successful learning organization and identifies his role in leadership at various levels within organizations.

Intellectual Excellence

He strives to advance his academic and intellectual endeavors in his chosen field of study and beyond. He continuously strives to learn, reflect, and use the knowledge he obtains.

Personal Excellence

He understands key components to run a successful learning organization and identifies his role in leadership at various levels within organizations.He aims for continual personal growth and produces his best in any given situation. He strives to be better each day for himself, his organization, the Fraternity, and his community.

Applied Learning

He distinguishes connections between learned ideas and knowledge in a continuous ongoing learning process that is applied to challenges.

The Jolly Good Fellow

Cultivation of True & Lasting Friendship

He is able to make and keep social connections with his peers as a gentleman, scholar, and jolly good fellow.

Community & Civic Engagement

He understands he is a member of a larger local, regional, and global community and uses his time, talent, and treasure to better the communities he belongs to. He identifies his obligation as a Deke member for life to continue his relationship to the Fraternity following graduation.


He utilizes his lived experience to benefit those around him through coaching, advising, and supporting others. He recognizes the experience he has within Deke is valuable and aims to support others to be better members of the Fraternity.


He identifies the need for people to work together, the attributes of healthy relationships, and contributes individually to the greater good of the organization in collaboration with others.