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Delta Kappa Epsilon's educational ambition is to transform members' lives and enhance the ability of the international organization to be a learning organization where development is encouraged, the curriculum is fluid, and there is a focus on assessment and best practices within the Interfraternal world.

Member Onboarding

Associate Member Program to onboard new members into DKE.

Officer Training

Targeted skill based learning for officers to be better equipped to handle the responsibilities given to them in their role.

Advisor Training

Content built specifically for advisors working with today's college students in the modern higher education setting.

Member Resources

Open resource library for members of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

Our Most Popular Courses

Below is a list of our most popular courses for members to engage with and learn more about DKE History, Chapter Management, and much more!

Recruitment Training

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices to recruit and retain a high-quality membership within your chapter. This course will explore our expectations, resources, and suggestions for a successful recruitment.


Member Onboarding

Associate Member Program to onboard new members into DKE. This includes a welcome, DKE History, and health & safety education for new members.

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Do The Right Thing

Learn about the DKE International philosophy and best practices for creating a healthy and safe member experience through frameworks for accountability and bystander intervention.

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Inclusive Practices – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Start building foundational knowledge and practice of inclusion. This course will provide you with language, skills, and tips for success in understanding identity, inclusion, and how to build a better organization.

Brother Beta (Chapter President)

This course is designed to provide our Brother Betas (Chapter Presidents) with a baseline for chapter management and leadership skills needed to run a successful chapter.


Deke University Recordings

This course contains the four sessions from Deke University: Officers' Academy from February 19, 2022. In order to advance to the next section, you will need to watch the entire recording and then hit the "Mark Complete" button at the bottom of your page.

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